This page consists of 2 alliances

Alliance #1Edit

This was the 1st alliance made.


  • Alejandro (Leader)
  • Courtney
  • Heather
  • Jo (Later)
  • Lightning (Later)


Originally Alejandro noticed that Courtney and Heather both had a crush on him and thought that he should make an alliance with them. After talking Heather and Courtney finally agreed so that they could be closer to Alejandro. After losing twice in a row the Villainous Vultures (a.k.a. Alejandro, Courtney, Heather, Jo and Lightning) decided to make an alliance together (Or Lightning and Jo join the 1st one).


Ranking Table
Competitor Ranking
Lightning 3rd
Heather 4th
Alejandro 5th

 Alliance #2Edit

This was the 2nd alliance made


  • Cameron
  • Gwen (On and Off)
  • Mike
  • Sam (On and Off)
  • Zoey


Originally Mike, Zoey and Cameron being friends automatically made an alliance. But after a turn of events Cameron developed feelings for Zoey whom Mike was dating when he found out Cameron and Mike turned against each other. Zoey then used Gwen and Sam (sometimes and then not) to vote out others rather then Mike and Cameron voting each other out. Sometimes Gwen and Sam would turn against Zoey, Mike and Cameron and then sometimes not.


Ranking Table
Competitor Ranking
Zoey 2nd
Mike 3rd
Gwen 4th
Cameron 5th

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